Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Tips for Moms to Manage Separation Anxiety

Parents are usually excited about finding right school for their kids because they wish for the new freedom. But, moms usually get depressed about getting separated from their kids for the first time. Although it’s temporary, the anxious feelings at that time can affect the kid’s emotional state. Hence, the effects can be long lasting. Therefore, the moms should learn about managing their anxiety for the sake of themselves and their children.

There are a few things that mom (and dads too) can do to get their separation anxiety reduced after leaving their kids to the school for first time.

Positive goodbye rituals
Think about the positive things that you can say and do to make your kid more confident while heading to the school building. Implement those practices from day one and continue to follow them until your child is mature enough to protect himself. Express your love to your kid while leaving him at school and tell him to have fun. Also mention the time when you would be there to pick him.

Don’t hate your feelings
The best way to gain emotional strength is to honor the feelings which make you feel like a weaker person. If you get the tears while leaving your kid at school, keep it in mind that it’s your love for the kid that makes you like that. There should be the element of joy in it too. Also remember that nature has made you this way.

Deal with your own feelings privately
You surely are anxious while leaving your kid to school but you have to keep it in mind that your kid would get even more anxious when he would see you this much depressed. So, avoid expressing your sadness regarding this separation in any way to your kid at any time. if you are find it hard to cope with the emotional weakness inside you, you can work on these feelings with the help of a counselor.

Help your kid to adjust smoothly
Kids also get anxious about getting separated while leaving for school for the first time. So, your anxiety or expression about being there for them makes things difficult for them when it comes to smooth adjustment. For instance, your child will not be able to adjust in his class when you give him the back door by expressing your availability in case he needs help. Instead, you can say that you would be there at a specific time to pick him up.

Have faith
It’s the nature of children to find escape by running towards their parents. But they start to have fun when they get adjusted. This same thing happens when they start going to school. You may get anxious for the first time but if you are consistently having this anxiety, you are actually questioning the very nature which is always there for the children and parents to get over the anxiety. So, have faith.

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